MS Dynamics CRM Integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Microsoft Dynamics is widely used as a CRM solution by companies worldwide, large and small. target360 is built natively on Microsoft Dynamics so our customers benefit from having all leads and all sales and marketing activities in one automated, intuitive marketing CRM suite.

We combine our marketing automation expertise with Microsoft’s CRM intelligence to deliver an all-inclusive lead generation and management tool that consolidates and upgrades your digital acquisition.

  • Our native integration means that all web visits and lead records are in the same system as your marketing and sales tools, centralising your activities
  • Individual lead records are automatically updated with email responses, web visits, sales activities and content downloads so you and your team always have a complete prospect profile at your fingertips
  • Microsoft Dynamics is tightly integrated with all Microsoft applications, including Outlook so you can track and monitor email and sales conversations through your own personal Office applications
  • No lead is forgotten with target360′s Outlook integration because each engagement you schedule is visible through your task list

Having your marketing automation and CRM rolled into one solution eliminates data transfers, data imports and other time consuming administrative tasks. It allows you to execute your marketing and sales activities with ease and instantly access your prospect database from any target360 feature.