Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

target360 marketing automation lets you increase the number of high-quality sales leads and reduces effort wasted on unprofitable business. As a result, you can focus on strategic work and creative elements that will improve your ROI.

target360 is a cloud-based solution. It’s a marketing automation system that helps your marketing teams improve their campaigns, and shows your sales team exactly where to focus their energy.

360° Sales and Marketing Analysis

By using web analytics, target360 captures relevant prospect activities on and off your site. It maximises the emphasis you put on prospects showing the most buying signals, and minimises analysis on your part. The result? You can focus on the quality of your message, which should mean more interest, more leads and more revenue.

The internet is a noise-filled, active marketplace. Getting your message to cut through that  noise is one of the greatest challenges facing marketers today. Consumers are smarter and markedly more sophisticated than their predecessors.

Traditional marketing is much less effective: sophisticated marketing automation campaigns are taking over. target360′s marketing automation software is modular – so you can start small, and increase its presence as the results help your business grow.

Marketing Automation Integrated with CRM

Most target360 customers start with email marketing, lead management and simple digital campaign reporting.

target360 is built upon Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which means you can create more sophisticated campaigns when you’re ready. In fact, target360 is the only system that lets you start with the basics, and then grows as you see a tangible return on your initial investment.